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Mission: Provide sacred and uplifting music to enhance the Mass experience and to assist the parishioners in adding their voices to their prayers to our Lord.

Main Services:   Each choir meets separately for required rehearsals in the evening on weekdays.  Each choir has a separate lead musician working under the overall leadership provided by the Music Minister, Kathy Thomas (see POC below):

  • Sat, 5:00 pm      Kathy Thomas
  • Sun, 8:30 am     Betty Kolman
  • Sun, 10:30 am   Nan Gefreh
  • Sun, 12:30 pm   Spanish Choir
  • Sun, 4:30 pm     Kathy Thomas

Minister Requirements:

  • Must possess musical skills
  • Must make a commitment to weekly rehearsals and ongoing musical formation. 
  • Teens and adults who enjoy singing are invited to participate in existing choirs, and elementary-aged children may join our forming Children’s Choir.
  • The cantor is both a singer and a leader of prayer. From within the choir, those with exceptional singing skills may be invited to audition for the ministry of cantor.
  • Instrumentalists add to the beauty of liturgical music. All skilled instrumental musicians are invited to audition.  Experience in piano would be especially helpful.

Point of Contact:

Kathy Thomas

719-528-8407 (parish)
Email Kathy about the Music Ministry

Punto de Contacto:

Héctor Aranda