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Mission:  Provide assistance to the priest and deacon at Mass and at other services as required.

Main Services:
    - Assist at weekend Masses
        - Procession
        - Readings
        - Communion preparation
        - Communion clean-up
    - Assist at special services on holidays, Lent, Easter, and Christmas

Minister Requirements:
Must have received First Eucharist
    - Normally be in 5th grade or above
    - Must attend at least one training session before start and then periodically each quarter

Download the Altar Server Guide and Responsibilities PDF


Altar Server Training Videos.

Use the "Playlist" menu (upper-left) to choose one of eleven videos.


Point of Contact:

Annie Merfalen
Email Annie about the Altar Server Ministry




Punto de Contacto:

Virginia (Viki) Roacho
Altar Server Coordinator